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iO-WE supports Clean Air Day 2021

We believe that only businesses that genuinely put principles before their profits are the only truly sustainable businesses for the future.  Money is not everything!

Smart Home Technology Explained

Quite Simply, Smart Home technology is a catch all term used to describe a vast array of different products and services which are available for people to buy and use at home. The central, shared p...

Visit iO-WE.com before you choose Smart Home Technology

Why should you visit Smart Home Technology site iO-WE.COM?  iO-WE is a UK small business adding value to their customers in multiple ways.  Firstly, we don’t simply sell smart home technology.  We ...

Creating a smart home is easy with one simple action

If you have ever looked at the products on offer online for smart home technology in the past and thought, ‘Hmm, which brand? Which products work together? Is the product I see online all I need to...