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In order to create a smart home, you need to create a smart capability in your home. 

That may be the capability to set your lighting to pre-ordained (by you) settings at will.  It might be the capability to see who is at your front door on your phones’ screen, from anywhere in the world. 

In order to have a smart home, you require 3 elements. 

The great news for those of us who want to enjoy capabilities such as these, is that most of us already own 2 out of the 3 elements we need to create a smart home and have done for years.

You need an Internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or similar device and then the 3rd element.

The 3rd element is the smart device itself.  The smart lightbulb, smart security camera or camera doorbell, for example.

This is where we can have fun and get creative. 

There are thousands of products out there to choose from and that creates complexity. 

iO-WE.com have researched hundreds of products of all kinds to bring you the very best there is available today in the UK.

100% Plug and Play.  No specialist installation skills required.  Easy, Simple, DIY Smart Home Technology at iO-WE.com

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