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When iO-WE first launched in March 2021, we made a pledge to be a business that puts principles before profit. Not just in words but in every decision we make.

As a small, self funded startup, our influence and our voice is relatively small but as we grow, we commit to using our voice to support positive social and environmental causes because we are a business that believes these things matter far more than any businesses profit

To play our small part in reducing our impact on the environment, iO-WE currently buy from the UK only to reduce shipping miles, use no single use plastic in our operation and ship all products in 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable packaging.

We also donate our time to local environmental good causes such as litter picking. 

Small steps relatively speaking, however, as we grow, so does our influence and with that influence we can push for real, meaningful change further up the smart technology supply chain and in society.

We have plans to donate a portion of profits to charities that are involved in planting trees in the UK and protecting marine carbon capture projects. 

All the products we supply inherently reduce energy consumption and allow us all to become more aware of how much energy we are using with their energy consumption visibility features.

We believe that only businesses that genuinely put principles before their profits are the only truly sustainable businesses for the future.  Money is not everything!

One small voice in a chorus of voices, getting louder as time goes by.

Happy Clean Air Day 2021!  



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