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If you have ever looked at the products on offer online for smart home technology in the past and thought,

‘Hmm, which brand? Which products work together? Is the product I see online all I need to make this work?  Will it be obsolete within a year? Can I install this myself or do I need an expert installer?’

plus a multitude of similar fears about whether or not you will get what it is you actually wanted, you are not alone there!

Smart Home Technology has been around for several years now and the choice is bewildering already.   Add to this the fact that every other week another product launch, a new company start up supplying their new brand of smart home technology, the list is growing rapidly.

This level of innovation is exciting and its needed to keep bringing greater benefits to customers.  Benefits which are inherent in living in a smart home for those of us lucky enough to have the chance to.

Most Smart home specialists online ‘specialise’ in doing the internet equivalent of rolling up next to you with an articulated lorry and asking ‘what do you want to buy? ‘  They will sell a z-wave smart light bulb sandwiched between something an electrician would need to instal and a Zigbee wall plug and expect everyone to know what they need to own in order to get the end result they expect.

What can be done about this complexity?  iO-WE have created an answer to this.

iO-WE.com have taken the risk in buying smart home technology away, removed the complexity and done the research for you.  Everything on offer is 100% DIY set up and installation ready.

iO-WE continue to find and test smart home products and are continuing in bringing the best the market has to offer to you.  Check out the iO-WE Shop here

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